Dog with roll of hundred dollar bills in its mouth

Save Money By Developing Affordable Pet Grooming Habits

Professional grooming is a valuable service, but it can get expensive - especially if your pet requires regular trimming.  Even ...
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Cat Grooming Guide: Beyond the Coat

In Part One, we looked at coat care for cats, which is arguably half the battle of keeping your cat ...
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Cat Grooming Guide: Coat Care

Cats have a reputation for keeping themselves clean and many do. However, all cats benefit from regular grooming. Grooming serves ...
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A variety of dog brushes

Detect Injury and Stay Healthy With Regular Grooming

Regular Grooming Is Everyday Grooming A good groomer can create a clean, neat little clip that looks good for months ...
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Mat Removal: How To Prevent and Remove Mats

Mats are the bane of many a long-haired pet owner. Even people who groom their pets regularly can find their ...
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Grooming The Tail and Genital Area

Recommended Equipment Scaredy Cut® Silent Grooming Kit Tiny Trim™ Fine tooth/flea comb (the Scaredy Cut #1 comb attachment may also ...
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Grooming The Legs, Feet, and Nails

The legs and feet of your pet do a lot of work and need regular care to stay healthy. The ...
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Grooming a Himalayan cat's back

Grooming The Body, Neck, Chest, and Belly

The body of your pet can be easy to maintain on top, but more difficult around the belly and groin ...
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Grooming the Head, Muzzle, Eyes, and Ears

This article is Part 2 of Stress-Free Pet's Do-It-Yourself Grooming Guide. The head can be the most challenging area of a ...
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Taking Puppy Steps With Home Grooming

This article is Part 1c of Stress-Free Pet's Do-It-Yourself Home Grooming Guide. Even when your pet is accustomed to grooming ...
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Creating Great Expectations For Home Grooming

This article is Part 1b of Stress-Free Pet's Do-It-Yourself Home Grooming Guide. Creating expectations in a pet is easy.  They ...
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Getting Started With Home Grooming

This article is Part 1a of Stress-Free Pet's Do-It-Yourself Home Grooming Guide. Our approach to in-home grooming is not going to ...
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Do-It-Yourself Home Grooming Guide

Sometimes a groomer just doesn't address the challenges of a sensitive pet. You may find that transitioning your pet to ...
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A cat with a hanging "litterbox ornament"

Litterbox Ornaments: Safe Sanitary Grooming Tips for Dogs and Cats

It's a dog's life for people who want their long-haired pet to avoid the dreaded 'dingleberry' or other lasting evidence ...
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