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Press Release (2010)

Contact Person: Matthew Michel, Owner
Phone: (877) 722-7339 Fax: (877) 736-4123
September 8, 2010

Scaredy Cats are Saved from Electric Clippers
by the SCAREDY CUT® Silent Home Pet Grooming Kit

Fluffy hates the car and hides from the vacuum, so grooming with electric clippers is out. Now Scaredy Cut® replaces electric clippers with scissors guarded by an attached comb. This low-tech solution is simple, slow, and silent, just the way all pets like it. Scaredy Cut® has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its innovative approach to grooming and recently received the 2010 Editors Choice Award from Pet Product News International.

The bright pink seven-piece kit includes six combs in sizes from one half to one inch and a pair of scissors with a comb holder. Just pick a comb, snap it in place under the blades, and trim fur safely and evenly. The combs are the very same combs used with electric clippers and are designed to glide through hair while resting on the skin and keeping the blades at a chosen distance for an even trim. To get closer than a half an inch and for tight spots like the ear, nose, face and paw, the TINY TRIM™, a small scissor featuring a serrated blade to grip fine fur, is sold separately.

Silence makes Scaredy Cut® an ideal solution for nervous pets, but there are plenty of other reasons it makes grooming your pet easy:

If you’re wondering why you'd want to trim your pet, you don't have a long-haired cat like Atticus. "He's a clean cat," explains his owner, Matthew, "but matted fur and litter box messes have always been a problem." So when the Los Angeles inventor tried grooming his cat, who has a heart condition, he went back to the basics – scissors – and found a way to adapt them to incorporate guide combs. "Slower, quieter and more loving is the answer to grooming cats and even many dogs, horses and small animals." explains Matthew, "and since you live with your pets, taking your time and making it an enjoyable experience for both of you is essential.”

"Why didn't someone think of this years ago?" has been ringing in his ears ever since he began delivering the newly patented grooming kit to happy animal lovers. A smash hit in it’s debut at this April’s America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California, Scaredy Cut® will go on to exhibit at the trade show event SUPERZOO in Las Vegas this September, as well as the H.H. Backer Show in Chicago this October.