Scaredy Cut is the world's only silent clipper, offering gentle grooming to sensitive pets.

  • Quality barber scissors with rounded tips and serrated blade
  • 7 combs included (from 1/2" to 1")
  • 100%-satisfaction guaranteed!
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Brush your cat to relax them.
Make single cuts, holding one lock out at a time. Comb against the fur.
Make rapid cuts to even out the fur.

My cat doesn't like to be brushed. Is this a problem?

Often when we brush a cat, we're forcing the brush through lots of mats and knots, which violently pulls on the cat's skin. It's no surprise that many cats hate to be brushed!

In contrast to a brush, SCAREDY CUT cuts through the mat, allowing you to untangle the knot. It's mat removal, pain-free!

My cat has a mat that I can't comb through. Heeeelp.

Often the knottiest mats are tangled all the way down to the skin. Because this will take a bit of precision, the recommended tool of choice is a small grooming scissor (such as our Tiny Trim). Moving matted fur is often painful, so this method lets you detangle the mat without removing it.

Chop the mat down to a stump and then untangle it. Cutting the top off a mat, cutting it in half, and cutting into the mat will also help release it and break it up without removing it. Also, you can tug gently on the mat in opposing directions without moving it.

Soon you'll be able to run the SCAREDY CUT comb smoothly through the hair and continue grooming.

My cat doesn't like their belly touched / paws trimmed / etc.

Before using SCAREDY CUT, let your cat accept your hands first and get comfortable with exposing their belly. In many cases, if it really bothers a cat when you touch a particular area, it may be best to leave that area ungroomed.

My cat has dandruff and/or itchy skin.

Dandruff or itchy skin is often due to having a long coat on a cat in warm weather, or potentially, fleas. In any case, shortening the coat usually does wonders for dandruff and itchy skin.

I have short-haired cat. How should I groom them?

No grooming necessary! Short-haired cats groom themselves.

Here's what pet owners are saying:

"Oreo hates the noise of electric razors and would run away and snap at it. ... Just when I was about to give up hope I found your product."
- Jessica L. (owner of Oreo)
"[Fox] had a great groomer that moved but no one else ... could handle him. Fox handled [Scaredy Cut] well and I get to save time, money and aggravation. Thanks!"
- Faith W. (owner of Fox)
"Angel feels more comfortable with her pet parent giving her the Royal Treatment!"
- Karen G. (owner of Angel)
"Mowgli gets vicious toward groomers and vets. To my amazement, he sat perfectly still while I groomed him [with Scaredy Cut] - he even seemed to enjoy it! - and he looks absolutely adorable."
- Tara F. (owner of Mowgli)